Brigitte leaves after Sage tells her that they were just talking….on the bed. Savvy confronts him of spending more time with Brigitte than with her, and how she is ALWAYS in his bedroom. Sage starts yelling at her as well, and they get into a big argument. The fight ends with Sage calling Savannah a “total biotch” and Brigitte secretly smiling.

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Sage takes Savannah to the hospital and gets her stitches for her cuts that Brooke had made. Sage and Savannah have officially become boyfriend and girlfriend. A few weeks later, Savvy meets up with her friends, and talks about how Brooke hasn’t been in school since the party, and Genny suggests that she transferred. Savvy then sees a girl with Sage, she goes over to meet the new exchange student from France, Brigitte LeBlanc Sage tells Savvy that she’s his cousin. Brigitte corrects him and tells her that they’ve known each other since they were both babies, but Savannah still seems to feel threatened by Brigitte.

Savannah and Friends

They drive off to a desolate forest area, where they then make out. Savannah is reluctant to continue kissing, which Sage questions. She justifies her insecurities about their relationship to him, asking whether or not Sage liked her  before she got her makeover.

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These pets have molds that more closely resemble the style of the TV series and were given names. Hasbro released the Pets Pawsabilities collection during this time, and in 2016, the Pets in the City collection, which more closely resembles the pets released in G2. Due to popular demand and fan outcry over the G3 line, Hasbro brought the bobble-head pets back, which included pets from the 2012 TV show and used the same molds as the pets from the G1 and G2 lines. But it was also short-lived, as the bobble-head style was retired in mid-2014.


Brooklyn Hayes is the infamous leader of the Barbie dolls, OCD’s elite girl group. Her pretty face has all the boys vying for a chance to be with her (many of whom have because of her philandering ways), but her ugly heart has the entire school terrified of getting on her bad side. Now that the karma bus has hit Brooklyn, she’s having trouble getting back up. But we all know she will, and when she’s totally on her feet, she’ll be better than ever… Brooke and Savannah get into an argument about Mimi, and how she has always loved Brooke, not Savannah, yet that isn’t true. Again, Brooke threatens Savvy about pressing charges, which leads to Savannah telling Brooke about all the fun times they used to have in seventh grade.

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Rachel Rivera – Antagonist, Brooklyn’s best friend, Alicia’s best friend and Nathan’s ex-girlfriend. The episode begins with Lulu hissing at Gigi over the pet bed. Brooke is in bed next to them, wailing in pain as her mother walks into the room. The screen then abruptly cuts to two new students, Josh and Lana Lawrence.

Littlest Pet Shop

Brooke is then shown to be in the hospital, wearing a cast around her leg, a neckbrace and a bandage over her nose and head. She exaggerates her concussion to her mother, whining that she “doesn’t remember anything.” Her mother claims cfd liquidity that “she will pay,” before she leaves the room to answer a phone call. Meanwhile, Brooke is filling up “Gigi’s” food bowl, calling her name, and she doesn’t come. Brooke fakes being hurt to try and call Gigi to her in this way.

Brooke calls her mother, only to find out that she doesn’t care for Gigi, and tells her to stop calling while she is at work. Brooke then realizes what she’s done; Gigi had ran away because of her. Savannah develops a crush on Sage Bond, Brooke’s boyfriend, the moment she sees him in the hall. However, Sage doesn’t notice Savvy and avoids eye contact with her.