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Are you drowning in voluminous medical records?

We are here to help! Allow us at Leighman Legal Nurse Consulting to utilize our professional nursing education, skills, knowledge, and clinical experience to work for you.

Services Offered

Medical Record Review

  • Identify and analyze pertinent medical records in personal injury and healthcare-related malpractice cases
  • Identify deviations from the standards of care in malpractice cases
  • Evaluate case strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify the need for expert witnesses


  • Prepare summarizations of medical and health care records
  • Prepare comprehensive consulting reports on cases
  • Prepare chronologies¬†

Healthcare Research & Client Education

  • Client education pertaining to relevant nursing and medical issues
  • Client education regarding the standard of care in malpractice cases
  • Client education regarding diagnostic test results
  • Medical and nursing research
  • Summarization of medical and nursing literature